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Tomographic results from the Iceland HOTSPOT project:
The ICEMAN and ICECRT velocity models.

The PASSCAL-HOTSPOT project started with a deployment of 35 broadband seismometers across Iceland from the summer of 1996 till the summer of 1998. The continuously recorded high quality data has been used to determine the 3D velocity structure of the crust and mantle beneath Iceland. You can download pre-prints detailing the crustal and mantle studies.

Here we offer brief descriptions of the models and a variety of 2D and 3D figures showing the velocity structure in the crust and mantle beneath Iceland. See the papers for more details on methods and interpretation of these results.

To the models...
The crustal model

The mantle models ...
including 3D volume rendering! ...
Download the models.
You can also download the full model data files along with code to extract velocities.

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