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Land of fire and ice

Here you will find links to our research on Iceland and to collections of photos and data associated with eruptions on Iceland.

HOTSPOT crust and mantle tomography results

View the models in 2D and 3D

Here you can explore the models in your web browser. There are 2D slices through the various models, plus you can view and manipulate them using a Java3D viewer applet. Also download the raw model data files.

Ansiotropic structure - channeling down asthenospheric channels
Squeezing the Iceland anomaly - model validation using SEM
The mantle study - imaging the plume head
The crustal study - 46 km thick crust in Iceland
Thin hot plume beneath Iceland - Constraining upwelling using diffraction effects

Iceland for everyone:

Plumbing in Iceland: Imaging plate formation in the Earth's Interior
Richard M. Allen The Smilodon (The Princeton Geosciences Newsletter), 42, 1-3, 2001
The volcanoes of Iceland have long been a source of fascination for writers and scientists. Jules Verne started his "Journey to the Center of the Earth" at one, Snaefell. Old tales tell of the belief that the souls of the condemned traveled through another, Helka, on their way to hell due to its similarity to Dante's depiction of the gates to hell. Just as Iceland's unusual landscape has inspired authors, it has also drawn Earth scientists making Iceland one of the most intensely studied places on Earth. more...

The thin hot plume beneath Iceland
Richard M. Allen, Guust Nolet, W. Jason Morgan, Kristin Vogfjord, Bergur H. Bergsson, Palmi Erlendsson, Gillian R. Foulger, Steinunn Jakobsdottir, Bruce R. Julian, Matt Pritchard, Sturla Ragnarsson, Ragnar Stefansson.
Geophysical Journal International 137, 51-63
Project HOTSPOT: Installation
These pages detail the deployment of the HOTSPOT experiment in the summer of 1996. Lots of great pictures of Iceland!
The 1996 Eruption on Iceland
These pages contain photographs and various data from the eruption in September-October 1996.
HOTSPOT data quality
A comparison of the HOTSPOT stations (portable broadband PASSCAL instruments) with BORG, part of the Global Seismic Network (a borehole instrument). April 1997.
The 1998 Eruption beneath Vatnajokull
These images are being mirrored from the Nordic Volcanological Institute site in Iceland.

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