India's Nuclear Tests
May 11-13, 1998

Seismic Data
On this page you will find maps, seismic data and a discussion of the yield of the Indian tests. The seismic data commes from the Global Seismic Network operated by IRIS which made it available in near real time. For maps, data and yield.
The seismogram is of the largest blast on May 11 and was recorded at station NIL. It shows a typically sharp onset as expected for nuclear explosions.
News Reports
On May 11, 1998 India announced it had conducted three nuclear tests, the first since the 'peaceful nuclear test' it conducted in 1974. Read a summary of the news reports and eyewitness accounts of this, and the May 13 tests here. Photo courtesy of CNN

Links - News
New York Times or CNN for the American perspective.
The Times of London, for a different perspective.
The Times of India for eyewitness reports and local celebrations.

Links - Data
IRIS the organization which operates the Gobal Seismic Network.
DMC the Data Management center (operated by IRIS) to obtain seismic waveform data.
WILBER the web browser interface to obtain data. Log in then click on the India region of the map to get waveform data.
pIDC the data center operating in preparation for the CTBT.

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