Pakistans Nuclear Tests
May 28 and 30, 1998

Seismic Data
The Global Seismic Network operated by IRIS recorded high quality data from both Pakistani tests. You will find maps and data here, and can see what the data -- rather than politicians -- tells us about the size of the nuclear tests.
News Reports
On May 28 the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (right photo courtesy of CNN) announced that Pakistan had "settled the score" with India by conducting five nuclear tests. The tests were conducted despite the threat of the sanctions being imposed on India also being applied to Pakistan, and phone calls from foreign leaders on Wednesday night begging Pakistan not to follow India's lead. On May 30 the Pakistanis conducted a sixth tests, this one was not followed by celebrations on the streets. Read more about the tests from news reports here.

Links - News
New York Times or CNN for the American perspective.
The Times of London, for a different perspective.
DAWN Pakistan's most widely circulated English language newspaper.

Links - Data
IRIS the organization which operates the Gobal Seismic Network.
DMC the Data Management center (operated by IRIS) to obtain seismic waveform data.
WILBER the web browser interface to obtain data. Log in then click on the India region of the map to get waveform data.
pIDC the data center operating in preparation for the CTBT.

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