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Earthquakes are detected and analysed in real-time by various seismic networks across the US and around the world. Below are links to just a few of the many websites reporting current and historic seismic events.

Recent earthquakes in California and Nevada

Earthquakes during the last week from the U.S. Geological Survey and the California Integrated Seismic Network.

Recent earthquakes around the world

Earthquakes from the last two weeks provided by the IRIS Seismic Monitor.

RecentEqs in CA/NV Recent earthquakes

The California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) monitors seismicity across the state producing real-time earthquake maps as shown right - click to zoom in.

Another clickable map shows the same earthquake information for California and Nevada during the last week along with faults.

Historic or "old" earthquakes

Maps showing past earthquakes of significance. Earthquakes included extend back to 1800.

The CGS has a map of historic earthquakes in California. A small map is available on their website, you can also order a copy.

The CSSC has a list of damaging earthquakes in California

Bill Ellsworth of the USGS also mainatins a list of past earthquakes in California.