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UC Berkeley

Organizations working to reduce seismic hazards

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
Information on likely levels of ground shaking where you live, how to assess the safety of your building and how to fix it. Also, information on other natural hazards throughout the Bay Area.

Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Operate several geophysical networks across northern California for earthquake monitorng and research.

California Geological Survey (CGS)
Faults, shaking probabilities, liquefaction, landslides and loss modeling. California strong motion instrumentation program (CSMIP).

California Seismic Safety Commission (CSSC)
Mitigation plans and legislation. Homeowners guide.

Caltech Seismological Laboratory
Operate geophysical networks across southern California in collaboration with the USGS.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Nonprofit organization engaged in reducing earthquake risk through advancement of earthquake engineering. They maintain a world housing encyclopedia.

Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC)
Earthquake catalogs, moment tensors and waveforms.

Southern California Earthquake Data Center (SCEDC)
Earthquake catalogs and waveforms. Clickable fault map, historic earthquake data and more.

UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Preparedness (SCEDC)
Guidelines for emergency preparedness, mitigation and response on the UC Berkeley Campus.

U.S. Geological Survey - Menlo Park
Earthquake monitoring, probabilities and hazards - northern California office.

U.S. Geological Survey - Pasadena
Earthquake monitoring, probabilities and hazards - southern California office.