EPS 24: Freshmen seminar - Spring 2006

The Great 1906 Earthquake:
A turning point for science, a lesson for society



Date Topic/Assignment
19-Jan Organizational meeting
26-Jan Reading: Ch 1 and 2 (Prologue if you have time)
Wed 1 Feb Lecture: Mary Lou Zoback, "The 1906 Earthquake: Lessons Learned, Lessons Forgotten, and Future Directions"
9-Feb Reading: Ch 3 and 4
Wed 15 Feb Eric Elsesser, "Improving Seismic Safety and Performance of Buildings Through Innovative Structural Engineering"
23-Feb No class
Wed 1 Mar Kathleen Tierney, "Social Dimensions of Catastrophic Disasters: From the 1906 Earthquake to Hurricane Katrina"
9-Mar Reading: Ch 5 and 6
Wed 15 Mar Mary Comerio, "Designing for Disaster: U.C. Berkeley Thinks Ahead"
23-Mar Reading: Ch 7
30-Mar Spring Break
6-Apr Reading: Ch 8 and 9
13-Apr Reading: Ch 10 (part 1)
20-Apr 1906 Centenial Meeting in San Francisco
27-Apr Reading: Ch 10 (part 2)
4-May Reading: Ch 11 and Epilogue
Text Simon Winchester, "A Crack in the Edge of the World"
Class meetings The class will usually meet at 2pm on Thu in Rm 220 McCone Hall (the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory's conference room).  On Feb 1 and 15 and Mar 1 and 15 we will attend the 1906 Centennial Lecture Series which will be held at 7:30pm in Sibley Auditorium.  We will hold the class discussion immediately following the lecture rather than meet on Thu during those weeks. 
Class expectations Class participants are expected to attend all class meetings (including evening lectures), complete all assigned readings before the class discussion and actively contribute to all discussions. 
Professors Richard Allen (rallen@berkeley.edu)
Barbara Romanowicz (barbara@seismo.berkeley.edu)
1/17/2006 Syllabus subject to update

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