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Earthquake of the week - Spring 2007 Schedule
  Seismicity presenter   SFBA Earthquake probabilities presenter    Topic   Reading (click to download) Notes
1/19/2007 No class - NEHRP meeting          
1/26/2007 Junkee Rhie   Gareth Funning ppt   Introduction, models and methods   WG02: Ch 1 and 2  
2/2/2007 Gilead Wurman   Kelly Grijalva ppt   Characterizing SFBA earthquake sources   WG02: Ch 3  
2/9/2007 Aimin Cao   Aurelie Guilhem ppt   Rupture segments along the San Andreas Fault   Goldfinger et al, EPSL, 2006  
2/16/2007 Victoria Ridley Bob Urhammer ppt Segmentation of faults Wesnousky, Nature 2006
      Doug Dreger   Deformation of Mt Diablo and the surrounding area       
2/23/2007 Ahyi Kim   Ahyi Kim ppt   The SFBA source model   WG02: Ch 4  
3/2/2007 Ahyi Kim              
3/9/2007 Mei Xue Victoria Ridley Seismic source model for southern CA Field et al 1999
    Junkee Rhie   Source scaling   Wells & Coppersmith 1994  
3/16/2007 Fabio Cammarano   Mei Xue   Calculating earthquake probabilities   WG02: Ch 5  
3/23/2007 Aurelie Guilhem   Fabio Cammarano   Stress renewal model for eq recurrence   Parsons 2006  
3/30/2007 No meeting - Spring break          
4/6/2007 Sean Ford   Ved    Earthquake probabilities for the SFBA   WG02: Ch 6  
4/13/2007 No meeting - SSA   SSA meeting
4/20/2007 Nicolas   Sean Ford   Fault segment stepovers   Shaw and Dieterich 2007  
4/27/2007 Romain   Gilead   Wrap-up: Implications and reflections   WG02: Ch 7 and 8  
5/4/2007 Special seminar:   Hiroo Kanamori, Caltech Seismo Lab   TBA      
WG02: USGS Open file report 03-214, "Earthquake probabilities in the San Francisco Bay Region: 2002-2031" by the Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities