EPS 256:

Earthquake of the week

Richard Allen | Seismo Lab | Earth & Planetary | UC Berkeley

Spring 2010 Schedule

This semester there will be a theme to the presentations: Tectonic provinces of North America. Each week we will focus on a different province either looking at a specific question or process, or reviewing the geologic and tectonic history of the region.

The format will be only slightly modified. The first presenter will start with a review of the week's seismicity. If there have been earthquake(s) of particular interest we will then hear more about them, or we will hear about the seismicity of the week's tectonic province. The second presenter will then present a recent paper on the region of interest or provide a review - the former is preferred.

Weekly seminars Fridays at 3pm in the Seismo Lab Conference Room
Seismicity Topic/Region
Jan 22 Aurelie Guilhem Amanda Thomas - Appalachians - postponed
Jan 29 Amanda Thomas Amanda Thomas - Appalachians
Feb 5 Scott French Aurelie Guilhem - Alaska
Feb 12 Sanne Cottaar Shan Dou - Tectonics of Central America
Feb 19 Shan Dou Kelly Grijalva - Chicxulub
Feb 26 Bruno Colas Scott French - Mexico
Mar 5 Kelly Grijalva Mong-Han Huang - Glaciations and thier effects
Mar 12 Mong-Han Huang Adam Holt - TBA
Mar 19 Satish Singh - special seminar
Great Sumatran Earthquakes: New Insight from Recent Marine Studies
Mar 26 Spring break - no class
Apr 2 Rob Porritt Nick Paumier - Great Lakes
Apr 9 Nick Paumier Holly Brown - Rocky Mountains
Apr 16 Holly Brown Bruno Colas - Carribean tectonics
Apr 23 SSA - no class
Apr 30 Allen Zhao Zheng Sanne Cottaar - Yellowstone

Original list of suggested topics (feel free to suggest alternatives):
1. Basin and Range
2. Colorado Plateau (Grand Canyon)
3. Cascades and associated stratovolcanoes
4. Yellowstone
5. Rocky Mountains
6. SAF and Sierra Nevada
7. Chicxulub (other meteor impacts)
8. Florida/Caribbean tectonics
8. Tectonics of Alaska (Denali fault, Aleutians, etc.)
9. Great plains and Texas oil
10. Tectonics of central America
11. Appalachians
12. Canadian sheild
13. Recent/relevant glaciations and their features (e.g. Yosemite)
14. The great lakes
14. Utah
15. Mexican tectonics