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Thomas Bodin -- Biography

Miller Research Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with Barbara Romanowicz.
Research assistant at the Australian National University
2007 – 2011 Ph.D Student at the Australian National University under the supervision of Malcolm Sambridge
Autumn 2006 internship in the R&D department at CGG Houston, USA
2005-Jul 2006

Third year student at EOST, Strasbourg, France. And second year of Research Master in Geophysics-Geosciences. The Master thesis was done at the University of Oslo (Norway) with Valerie Maupin

2004 – 2005 Master in Geophysics-Geosciences at EOST, Strasbourg. Year spent at the University of Oslo, Norway (Erasmus exchange program), supervised by Valerie Maupin
2003 – 2004 Bachelor in Earth Sciences
First year student at EOST, Strasbourg, France. 

Grants and Awards

France Berkeley Fund.
   "Probabilistic interpretation of full waveform Tomographic models"
   T. Bodin, B. Romanowicz, Y. Capdeville

Miller Research Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2012

• UC Laboratory Fees Research Grant.
   Using stochastic methods toward full waveform seismic tomography.
   B. Romanowicz, T. Bodin, H. Yuan, M. Maceira, C. Larmat.

• AGU 2011 Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award for the paper
   “Transdimensional inversion of receiver functions and surface wave   dispersion”.

• AGU 2009 Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Paper Award for the paper
   "Transdimensional Seismic tomography".

• 2009 Research School of Earth Sciences (ANU) Student Conference first prize.

Invited Talks at International Conferences

• AGU 2012 Fall Meeting invited talk: The Inverse Homogenization : incorporating Discontinuities in Full waveform inversion models.

T. Bodin, Y. Capdeville, B. Romanowicz

• AGU 2012 Fall Meeting invited talk: Slow-downs and speed-ups of India-Eurasia convergence since ~20 Ma: Data-noise, uncertainties and dynamic implications.
G. Iaffaldano, T. Bodin, M Sambridge

• CIDER 2012 workshop, Santa Barbara

• QUEST 2011 meeting, Iceland

• AGU 2011 Fall Meeting invited talk : Ensemble approaches to structural seismology: seek many rather than one. M. Sambridge, T. Bodin, H. Tkalcic, K. Gallagher

Invited Seminars

• Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), May 2014

• University of Strasbourg, France, March 2014

• Earth and Planetary Science, UC Berkeley, September 2013

• Scripps, UC San Diego, February 2013

• Universite of Nantes, Novembre 2012

• Applied Math Seminar , UC Berkeley, November 2012

• Statistics seminar, UC Berkeley, September 2012

• Berkeley Seismolab Seminar, UC Berkeley, August 2012

• IPGP, Paris, January 2012

• The Australian National University, November 2011

• Universite de Rennes, May 2010

• Geoscience Australia, November 2008

Teaching Activities

• 2009 Teaching assistant for the undergraduate course "Introduction to geophysics" at ANU