Thomas Bodin

PhD, Australian National University, 2011

Miller Research Fellow
Berkeley Seismological Laboratory
Earth and Planetary Science
University of California, Berkeley

173 McCone Hall,
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

Email: Thomas.Bodin@berkeley.edu

Research Interests

As a seismologist, I am interested in the development of interpretational techniques for seismic records, with the object of extracting new information about the structure within the Earth. This includes studying the propagation of seismic waves and inverse theory. More particularly, I am interested in mathematical methods applied to the Earth sciences, Bayesian statistics, and Monte Carlo methods.


Computational Seismology -- Earkquakes and Earth structure -- seismic tomography -- Monte Carlo methods -- Bayesian Inference -- Elastic Homogeneization -- Receiver Functions -- Surface waves -- Inverse Theory -- Transdimensional Inference -- Reversible Jump algorithm -- Hierarchical Bayes