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Wiki: Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER)

CIDER Overview

CIDER-II is funded as a "Synthesis Center" by the | Frontiers of Earth Systems Dynamics(FESD) program of NSF under grant number EAR-1135452.

Please acknowledge the CIDER program and this grant in any publication resulting from or inspired by CIDER

CIDER Educational Material

CIDER Lectures

CIDER wikipedia-like pages

CIDER Highschool Teaching

CIDER Announcements

  • 201( CIDER summer program will be held at U.C. Berkeley, on the theme of "Volcanoes" - led by Michael Manga; Diana Roman; Simon Carn, Tobias Fischer, and Paul Wallace with Bruce Buffett - dates are: 17th of June - 12rd of July, 2019, see more information on the 2019 CIDER program webpage.

CIDER Working Groups


CIDER Documents

CIDER Photographs

For more photos see individual Summer Program pages

For questions/suggestions please email us.

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