EPS 24: Freshman seminar, geoscience in the movies

Syllabus, Spring 2014

Wednesday 1-3 pm (during discussion weeks we will likely use 1 hour)

401 McCone Hall

Last revised January 25, 2014

The goal of freshman seminars is ``for small groups of students to explore a scholarly topic of mutual interest together. By taking a seminar a student becomes an active member of Berkeley's intellectual community. The seminars depend on the regular presence and active participation of every student. Sharing ideas in class is an important academic skill that can only be acquired through practice".

As the goal of these seminars is to foster discussion and interaction, the outline below is tentative and meant to provide a a starting point for student-led discussion. Consequently, this outline and overview might be updates.

Week 1 (January 22): Introduction

Week 2 (January 29): ``The core''

Week 3 (February 5): Discussion (James, Arthur)

Week 4 (February 12): ``Promised land''

Week 5 (February 19): Discussion (Aaron, Anthony)

Week 6 (February 25): ``Inconvenient truth''

Week 7 (March 5): Discussion (Trevor, Sharon)

Week 8 (March 12): ``Supervolcano''

Week 9 (March 19): Discussion (Maura, Melody)

Week 10 (April 2): ``Twister'' or ``Armageddon'' or ``Deep impact''

Week 11 (April 9): Discussion (Roy)

Week 12 (April 16): ``Chinatown''

Week 13 (April 23): Discussion

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Tharsis, Mars, the Solar System's largest volcano (image from NASA/JPL)