Theses from research group:

Steve Breen, "Drainage in geological materials at intermediate scales'', PhD, December 2020.

Dana Lapides, "An ideal storm: Overland flow modeling and a critical look at the Rational Method'', PhD, May 2020.

Nate Lindsey, "Fiber optic seismology in theory and in practice'', PhD, December 2019.

Robert Citron, "Early Mars geodynamics: Giant impacts, superplumes, and vast oceans'', PhD, May 2019.

Noah Randolph-Flagg, "The role of groundwater in volcanic and fault zone processes'' PhD, May 2019.

Kristen Fauria, "Dynamics of pyroclastic density currents and submarine eruptions'', PhD, December 2017.

Carolina Munoz-Saez, "Dynamics of geyser systems, El Tatio, Atacama'', PhD, December 2016.

Maxwell L. Rudolph, "Mechanical controls on eruptions'', PhD, August 2012.

Edwin Kite, "1. Climate change on ancient Mars. 2. Exoplanet geodynamics and climate'', PhD, December 2011.

Leif Karlstrom, "Causes and consequences of unsteady crustal magma transport'', PhD, December 2011.

Alyssa Rhoden, "The rotation and fracture history of Europa from modeling of tidal-tectonic processes'', PhD, December 2011.

Chris Huber, "The importance of small-scale dynamics on large-scale magmatic processes'', PhD, May 2009.

Maria J. Brumm, "Ground water in tectonically active areas: Implications for heat flow and the earthquake-triggered eruption of mud volcanoes'', Masters thesis, May 2008.

Mark Wenzel, "Layered mantle convection on Mars, and the electronic structure of magnetite'', PhD, August 2006.

Helge M. Gonnermann, "Thermal and thermochemical convection in the Earth's mantle and Dynamics of magma ascent in silicic volcanoes'', PhD, December 2004.

Alison C. Rust, "Viscosity, deformation and permeability of bubbly magma: Applications to flow and degassing in volcanic conduits'', PhD, December 2003.

Martin O. Saar, "Geological fluid mechanics models at various scales'', PhD, August 2003.

Bretagne N. Hygelund, "Geomorphic and hydraulic effects of woody debris: Insights for spring-dominated streams'', Masters thesis, August 2002.

Elizabeth R. James, "Isotope tracers and regional-scale groundwater flow: Application to the Oregon Cascades'', Masters thesis, May 1999.

Dayanthie S. Weeraratne, "Convective heat transport in high Prandtl number fluids and planetary mantles'', Masters thesis, May 1999.

Martin O. Saar, "The relationship between permeability, porosity, and microstructure in vesicular basalts'', Masters thesis, May 1998. Download pdf of thesis

Undergraduate theses

Dakota Churchill, undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, May 2019.

Theresa Sawi, undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, May 2018.

Veronika Soukhovitskaya, "Physics of gravity-driven flows and Martian landslide dynamics'', undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, May 2004.

Michael Calkins, "Experimental study of thermal plumes formation on a circular cone'', undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, August 2004.

Jan Stark, "The motion of long bubbles in a network of tubes'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 1998.

Nathanael Schaeffer, "Boundary layer interaction in plume-based variable-viscosity thermal convection'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 2000.

Antoine Sinton, "Origin of surface features on Europa inferred from scaled analog wax experiments'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 2003.

. . . for part of thesis

Julia E. Hammer, "Magma vesiculation, degassing, and crystallization: Case studies and results from analog experiments'', PhD, May 1998, (Chapter IV ``Analog experiments of magma degassing using corn syrup solutions'', pp. 120-209 and 271-334); Primary advisor, Kathy Cashman.

Jon Castro, "Textural and structural development of obsidian lavas'', PhD, May 1999, (Chapter II ``Microlite crystallization and orientation distribution in Obsidian Dome, CA, pp. 8-82); Primary advisor, Kathy Cashman.

Robin Beebee, "Floods in the Deschutes River basin'', PhD thesis, February 2003; Primary advisor, Becky Dorsey and Jim O'Conner.


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