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Principal Investigator

Barbara Romanowicz

Deep earth structure and dynamics using seismological tools. Earthquake processes and scaling laws. Real-time estimation of earthquake parameters. Development of modern broadband seismic and geophysical observatories on land and in the oceans. Planetary seismology.

Graduate Students

UC Berkeley

Alex Robson, since 2015

Li-Wei Chen, since 2016

Paris (IPGP)

Matthias Meschede Email me

Pierre Clouzet

Anais Ibourichene, since 2014

Post-Doctoral Associates

UC Berkeley

Thomas Bodin Email me
Research interests include inverse theory, computational seismology, Earth structure, Bayesian statistics, and Monte Carlo Methods.

Marco Calo Email me

Kaiqing Yuan
Deep Earth Structure and Dynamics
Join BSL at Aug. 2014, previously Ph.D. at UCLA. Contact: kaiqing.yuan [at]

Paris (IPGP)

Sergi Ventosa Email me

Yder Masson Email me

Joanne Adam Email me

Hugo Jimenez Email me
Hugo Jimenez is a junior researcher in our group at IPG in Paris

Haydar Karaoglu Email me

Former Participants

Graduate Students

Zhao (Allen) Zheng (PhD 2014) is now a Microseismic Geophysicist at Halliburton.
Scott French (PhD 2014) is now a HPC Consultant at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.
Michael Antolik is now a scientist at QTSI/AFTAC in Florida.
Ludovic Breger is now with Barclays Global Investors.
Sanne Cottaar (PhD 2013) is now a post-doc at Cambridge University, U.K.
David Dolenc is now at the U of Minnesota, Duluth, Large Lakes Observatory.
Yuancheng Gung is now an assistant professor at National Taiwan University.
Chaincy Kuo is now a researcher as Xenogen.
Vedran Lekic (PhD 2009) is now assistant professor at the University of Maryland
Yves LeStunff is now a researcher at Total.
Charles Megnin is now running the New Orleans Center for the Photographic Arts.
Mark Panning is now assistant professor at the University of Florida.
Michael Pasyanos is now a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
Junkee Rhie is now an assistant professor at Seoul National University, Korea.
Sebastien Rousset is back in France, teaching.
Hrvoje Tkalcic is a fellow at the Australian National University.
Akiko Toh is now a researcher at JAMSTEC.

Post-Doctoral Associates

Fabio Cammarano is now a researcher at the University of Copenhagen, Danemark
Yann Capdeville is a CNRS permanent researcher at the University of Nantes.
Eric Clevede is a CNRS permanent researcher at IPG-Paris.
Paul Cupillard is now a researcher in Nancy, France
Olivier Coutant is at Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.
Joseph Durek is a program manager at the Strategic Technology Office.
Xiang Dong Li
Federica Marone is now a staff research scientist at the Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland.
Huaiyu Yuan is now a researcher at Macquarie University, Australia

Huaiyu Yuan Email me
now at Macquarie University, Australia

Past and present Visiting Scientists

Jiajun Chong Email me

Ed Garnero is an associate professor at Arizona State University.
Jan Matas is a CNRS researcher at Ecole normale superieure, Lyon.
Annie Souriau is at Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse.
Georges Poupinet is LGIT in Grenoble.
Nozomu Takeuchi is back at Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo.
Lev Vinnik is at the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow.
Yuzhu Liu is a Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai.

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