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Wiki: Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER)

CIDER Overview

CIDER is currently supported by the National Science Foundation through CSEDI Program (EAR-1903727) and the GeoPRISMS Program (OCE-2025195). Prior support through the Frontiers of Earth Systems Dynamics (FESD) was under grant number EAR-1135452.

Please acknowledge the CIDER program and this grant in any publication resulting from or inspired by CIDER

Report a paper or abstract from a previous CIDER meeting



CIDER Educational Material

CIDER Lectures

CIDER wikipedia-like pages

CIDER Highschool Teaching

CIDER Announcements

Major disruptions due to COVID-19 have had an unsurprising impact on current and planned CIDER Summer Programs. A previously planned Program on the theme ‘Earth’s evolution as an inhabited world’ has been deferred to the summer of 2022.

A second funded program on ‘Fluid and magma transport at plate boundaries’ has been delayed to the summer of 2023. We look forward to holding these programs as improving conditions make it safe to do so. We expect to have more details on these programs posted on the website by August, 2021.

CIDER Working Groups


CIDER Documents

CIDER Photographs

For more photos see individual Summer Program pages

For questions/suggestions please email us.

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