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Instructions for uploading lecture/tutorial slides:

- 0) For talk slides: Rename your file to "firstname_lastname_cider_2019.pdf" (or .ppt, .pptx, .zip).

For tutorial instructions: Rename your file to "firstname_lastname_cider_2019_tutorial.pdf".

For tutorial materials: Rename your file to "firstname_lastname_cider_2019_tutorial.zip" .

The file name must be formatted exactly in this way (case and underscore location) or else the existing link won't find your file and you will need to edit the wiki.

If this is your second lecture, then the name should be firstname_lastname_cider_2019_2.pdf.

- 1) Login to the wiki with the CIDER2019 login and password

- 2) Go to the date and time of your lecture

- 3) By your name you will find a statement "Download slides" with the word "slides" highlighted in red.

- 4) If your file is in pdf format with the right name, you can skip to 6). If you want to upload a .ppt, .pptx or .zip file, then you first need to edit

- 5) Click on the word "slides" and you will be taken to a page that will tell you how to upload your slides. Currently the assumption is that the file will be in "pdf" format. If you want to upload a .ppt, .pptx or .zip file, you will need to edit the corresponding line and replace .pdf by .pptx, .ppt, or .zip. To do so, click on the "edit" button located on the top right of the part of the page corresponding to the day of your session. You will then be in edit mode. Find the line with the name of your file, correct it as appropriate, then scroll down to the very bottom of the page and hit "save".

- 6) Click on the word "slides" highlighted in red as indicated in 3). You will be taken to a page that will allow you to upload your file. The upload button is actually at the bottom of the page.

- 7) verify that the word "slides" has turned to a blue color and you're done

Uploading unsupported files: zip the file first and then upload accordingly (example kmz.zip).

If you need help, contact Dan Frost: dafrost at berkeley.edu

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