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       Qingkai Kong

       Ph.D Candidate
       Seismological Lab
       289 McCone Hall
       University of California, Berkeley

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I am currently a Ph.D student at Berkeley Seismological Lab working with Dr. Richard Allen in the Earthquake Early Warning team.

News and Events:

2018/01/16 I gave a talk at Recent Developments in Sensing Technology for Seismology workshop, LBNL, Berkeley
2018/01/10 New paper: Structural Health Monitoring of Buildings Using Smartphone Sensors. Link
2018/01/08 Qingkai is attending 3-day Geospatial Data and Mapping Fundamentals at Berkeley D-Lab, Berkeley, CA
2017/12/11 Qingkai is presenting two posters at AGU, New Orleans, LA
2017/12/06 Qingkai is teaching a Machine learning workshop at The Hacker Within, Berkeley. Link, Materials
2017/11/16 Qingkai is teaching a workshop on Artificial Neural Network at Berkeley D-Lab. Link, Materials
2017/11/15 Qingkai is co-teaching data science module in the EPS-C-20 class (Earthquake in your backyard).
2017/11/03 Qingkai is giving a BAGS (Bay Area Geophysical Society) Seminar, Berkeley, CA
2017/10/25 Qingkai is giving a talk on applying ANN and CNN on MyShake at LBNL, Berkeley, CA
2017/10/20 Qingkai is giving a FISH talk at MIT Earth Resources Laboratory, Cambridge MA
2017/10/19 Qingkai is giving a talk at Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Boston University, Boston MA
2017/10/18 Qingkai is giving a BiSEPPS Seminar at Harvard Earth and Planetary Sciences, Cambridge MA
2017/10/11 Attending Fujitsu Advanced Technology Symposium 2017 on Quantum computing, Mountain View, CA
2017/09/15 Qingkai is attending Inclusion in Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Berkeley, CA
2017/08/24 New Article: Seismic data from smartphones - MyShake: building a global smartphone seismic network Link
2017/06/28 Qingkai is teaching Machine learning workshop for Berkeley CDIPS data science workshop. Link, Materials
2017/06/17 My son Fanqi is born to celebrate Father's day with me :-) Link
2017/05/24 Qingkai is attending 2-day Silicon Valley Open Doors (SVOD) at Mountain View, CA
2017/05/15 MyShake won XFund Innovation Award and Runner up for Wilmer Hale Innovation Award
2017/04/17 Qingkai presented a poster in SSA meeting at Denver, CO
2017/04/13 Qingkai taught a workshop on Artificial Neural Networks at Berkeley D-Lab. Link, Materials
2017/03/14 Qingkai is attending 3-day Strata + Haddop World Conference, San Jose, CA
2017/03/06 Qingkai gives an AI workshop at Deutsche Telekom Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Mountain View, CA
2017/02/04 Qingkai is attending two day Bootcamp of Entrepreneurship at Berkeley, CA
2017/01/23 Qingkai gives a job talk at Department of Earth Science at Rice University, Houston, TX. Link