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       Qingkai Kong (孔庆凯)

       Seismological Lab
       209 McCone Hall
       University of California, Berkeley

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I am an Asistant Data Science Researcher (research faculty) jointly at Berkeley Seismology Lab and Berkeley Division of Data Sciences working between Earth Science and Data Science. Currently, I am a visiting researcher in the visiting faculty program at Google, a googler now, Mountain View.

My research lies at the intersection of seismology, civil engineering and data science. My research contributions have been to create the smartphone seismic network to monitor earthquake hazards using crowdsourcing and low-cost sensor network in urban environment, and to leverage machine learning and data science tools in different areas.

News and Events:

2020/05/01 New proposal is awarded by USGS Link.
2020/04/08 Qingkai gives a remote talk at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2020/02/10 Qingkai gives a talk at department of Civil Engineering San Francisco State University, SF, CA
2019/12/09 Qingkai gives a presentation at AGU 2019, San Francisco, CA Link
2019/12/08 Qingkai gives a talk at Applications of Big Data and High-Performance Computing in Earth Science                     workshop at AGU, San Francisco, CA Link
2019/11/18 Qingkai gives a talk at Berkeley Statistics and Machine Learning Forum, Berkeley Link
2019/10/28 Qingkai gives an invited talk at Committee on Seismology and Geodynamics at The National Academies                     of Science, Engineering, Medicine Fall meeting
2019/10/17 MyShake is deliverying ShakeAlert EEW statewide CA - Governor Announcement, News Link, Video
2019/10/01 Qingkai gives a talk at Earthquake Early Warning Forum, Berkeley, CA
2019/09/10 Qingkai gives an invited talk at California Department of Conservation, Sacramento, CA
2019/09/03 Qingkai gets $5000 research Google Cloud Platform credits for one research project
2019/08/12 Qingkai starts the visiting researcher position at Google, Mountain View, CA
2019/07/23 Qingkai gives a talk at Data Science workshop, Livermore, CA Link
2019/06/09 Proposal - Statewide Public Alert Delivery for CEEWS/ShakeAlert using MyShake get funded by CAL OES