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Data Analysis Toolkits

These are condensed notes covering selected key points. They are not intended to be comprehensive, and thus are not a substitute for the textbook or for class notes.

These toolkits are new editions as of Sept. 2001. If you find errors in them, please let me know.

  Kit # Description File Format

Toolkit 1 Displaying distributions pdf

Toolkit 2 Descriptive statistics pdf

Toolkit 3 Transforming distributions pdf

Toolkit 4 Confidence intervals pdf

Toolkit 5 Uncertainty and error propagation pdf

Toolkit 6 Nonlinear averaging pdf

Toolkit 7 Hypothesis testing, statistical significance, and statistical power pdf

Toolkit 8 Hodges-Lehman estimators pdf

Toolkit 9 Experimentwise error rates and statistical fishing expeditions pdf
  Toolkit 10 Simple linear regression pdf
  Toolkit 11 Serial correlation pdf
  Bayesian Intro to probability and Bayesian inference pdf


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