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Overview of the Berkeley Digital Seismic Network


Geophysical Networks

Map of BSL networks

The Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BDSN) is a regional network of very broadband and strong motion seismic stations spanning Northern California and linked to UC Berkeley through continuous telemetry. The network is designed to monitor regional seismic activity as well as to provide high quality data for research in regional and global broadband seismology. The network currently consists of 40 stations, including an ocean-bottom seismometer in Monterey Bay (MOBB). We take particular pride in high quality installations, which often involve lengthy searches for appropriate sites away from sources of low-frequency noise as well as continuous improvements in installation procedures and careful monitoring of noise conditions and problems.

BDSN news and archived information about BDSN data

BDSN news and archived information about data from the BDSN is available at the NCEDC blog.

Special Projects of the BDSN