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Support the Berkeley Seismo Lab

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory conducts research on earthquake processes and earth structure, provides timely and accurate earthquake information to a variety of public and private agencies, and educates students and the public about earthquake science.

To make an online donation to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, click the link below: Descriptions of the different funds are given below.

Director's fund:
Contributions to this fund support seed funding into earthquake research and applications, earthquake response and warning technologies, special seminars, and network operations, as well as allowing the BSL to take advantage of other exciting opportunities as they arise.

Student fund:
Contributions to this fund support student travel to conferences, special projects, and semester-long studies, among other BSL student enrichment opportunities.

Rapid Earthquake Response fund:
Contributions to this fund support BSL research on systems for rapid earthquake response and early warning (including earthquake early warning) at UC Berkeley.

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For questions about supporting the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, please contact Peggy Hellweg (510-643-9449, or peggy {at}