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125 Years of Sound Science, serving society


Participating Faculty
Richard Allen Richard Allen Director rallen {at} 510-642-3977 McCone 279
Doug Dreger Doug Dreger Associate Director dreger {at} Not available McCone 291
Norman Abrahamson Norman Abrahamson Civil and Environmental Engineering abrahamson {at} Not available
David Alumbaugh David Alumbaugh Earth and Planetary Science dalumbaugh {at} 510-643-9980
Yousef Bozorgnia Yousef Bozorgnia Civil and Environmental Engineering yousef {at} 510-642-3489
Jonathan Bray Jonathan Bray Civil and Environmental Engineering bray {at} 510-642-9843
Bruce Buffett Bruce Buffett Earth and Planetary Science bbuffett {at} 510-642-1251
Roland Burgmann Roland Burgmann Earth and Planetary Science burgmann {at} 510-643-9545 McCone 389
Ken Goldberg Ken Goldberg Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences goldberg {at} 510-643-9565
Raymond Jeanloz Raymond Jeanloz Earth and Planetary Science jeanloz {at} 510-642-2639
Michael Manga Michael Manga Earth and Planetary Science manga {at} 510-643-8532
Burkhard Militzer Burkhard Militzer Earth and Planetary Science militzer {at} 510-643-7414
Jack Moehle Jack Moehle Civil and Environmental Engineering moehle {at} 510-642-0697
Horst Rademacher Horst Rademacher Visiting Professor horst {at}
James Rector James Rector Civil and Environmental Engineering rector {at} 510-643-7820
Mark Richards Mark Richards Earth and Planetary Science Mark_Richards {at} 510-642-8560
Barbara Romanowicz Barbara Romanowicz Earth and Planetary Science barbara {at} Not available McCone 291
Chi-Yuen Wang Chi-Yuen Wang Earth and Planetary Science chiyuen {at} 510-642-2288
Hans-Rudolf Wenk Hans-Rudolf Wenk Earth and Planetary Science wenk {at} 510-642-7431
Richard AllenDirector
Doug DregerAssociate Director
Norman AbrahamsonCivil and Environmental Engineering
David AlumbaughEarth and Planetary Science
Yousef BozorgniaCivil and Environmental Engineering
Jonathan BrayCivil and Environmental Engineering
Bruce BuffettEarth and Planetary Science
Roland BurgmannEarth and Planetary Science
Ken GoldbergElectrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Raymond JeanlozEarth and Planetary Science
Michael MangaEarth and Planetary Science
Burkhard MilitzerEarth and Planetary Science
Jack MoehleCivil and Environmental Engineering
Horst RademacherVisiting Professor
James RectorCivil and Environmental Engineering
Mark RichardsEarth and Planetary Science
Barbara RomanowiczEarth and Planetary Science
Chi-Yuen WangEarth and Planetary Science
Hans-Rudolf WenkEarth and Planetary Science
Peggy Hellweg Peggy Hellweg Operations Manager peggy {at} 510-643-9449 McCone 213
Noah Luna Staff Research Associate bluna {at} 510-642-3977 McCone 223
Diego Melgar Assistant Geodetic Researcher dmelgar {at} Not available McCone 209
Robert Nadaeu Robert Nadeau Research Seismologist nadeau {at} 510-643-3980 McCone 211
Jennifer Strauss Jennifer Strauss External Relations Officer jastrauss {at} 510-642-1067 McCone 217
Jennifer Taggart Jennifer Taggart Web Developer/Data Analyst jennifer {at} 510-642-3977 McCone 223
Taka'aki Taira Taka'aki Taira Assistant Research Seismologist taira {at} 510-642-8504 McCone 219
Bob Uhrhammer Bob Uhrhammer Seismologist (Specialist) bob {at} 510-642-8504 McCone 219
Peggy HellwegOperations Manager
Noah LunaStaff Research Associate
Diego MelgarAssistant Geodetic Researcher
Robert NadeauResearch Seismologist
Jennifer StraussExternal Relations Officer
Jennifer TaggartWeb Developer/Data Analyst
Taka'aki TairaAssistant Research Seismologist
Bob UhrhammerSeismologist (Specialist)
IT and Engineering
Zack Alexy Zack Alexy Engineer zack {at} 510-642-3976 McCone 298
Steve Allen Steve Allen Applications Programmer syallen {at} 510-643-3898 McCone 205
Mario Aranha Mario Aranha IT Applications Programmer mario {at} 510-643-3898 McCone 205
George Dorian Engineer georged {at} 510-642-3976 McCone 298
Ivan Henson Ivan Henson Applications Programmer henson {at} 510-664-9029 McCone 207
Pete Lombard Pete Lombard IT Applications Programmer lombard {at} 510-642-0073 McCone 207
Doug Neuhauser Doug Neuhauser Information Systems Manager doug {at} 510-642-0931 McCone 221
Charley Paffenbarger Charley Paffenbarger IT Systems Administrator cpaff {at} 510-642-5333 McCone 295
Stephen Thompson Stephen Thompson IT Systems Administrator stephen {at} 510-664-9177 McCone 295
Stephane Zuzlewski Stephane Zuzlewski IT Database Administrator stephane {at} 510-664-9029 McCone 207
Zack AlexyEngineer
Steve AllenApplications Programmer
Mario AranhaIT Applications Programmer
George DorianEngineer
Ivan HensenApplications Programmer
Pete LombardIT Applications Programmer
Doug NeuhauserInformation Systems Manager
Charley PaffenbargerIT Systems Administrator
Stephen ThompsonIT Systems Administrator
Stephane ZuzlewskiIT Database Administrator
Administrative Staff
Judith Coyote Management Services Officer jcoyote {at} 510-642-4540 McCone 311
Dawn Geddes Financial Analyst dgeddes {at} 510-642-2961 McCone 215
Crysthel Catambay Financial Analyst II (EPS) ccatambay {at} 510-642-3994 307 McCone
Clarissa Foreman Contract & Grants Analyst (CSS) cforeman {at} McCone 277
Andrew Jan Administrative Affairs Coordinator andrewjan {at} 510-642-2727 McCone 309
Rachel Kowalik Front Office Coordinator rkowalik {at} 510-642-3993 McCone 307
Roxanne Polk HR/APS Partner (CSS) rpolk {at} 510-725-7090 McCone 398
Judith CoyoteManagement Services Officer
Dawn GeddesFinancial Analyst
Crysthel CatambayFinancial Analyst II (EPS)
Clarissa ForemanContracts & Grants Analyst (CSS)
Andrew JanAdministrative Affairs Coordinator
Rachel Kowalik
Roxanne PolkHR/APS Partner (CSS)
Post-Docs & Visiting Scientists
Zhao Bin Zhao Bin Crustal Deformation in East Asia cugzhaobin {at} Not available McCone 215
Angela Chung Angela Chung Improving EEW algorithms achung {at} Not available McCone 209
Dan FrostDan Frost Deep earth structure Not available McCone 215
Chris Milliner Chris Milliner Not available McCone 215
Corrina Roy Corinna Roy Global seismic tomography roy {at} 510-642-8374 McCone 201
Christine Ruhl Christine Ruhl Developing EEW using GPS cruhl {at} Not Available McCone 209
Kaiqing Yuan Mantle Structure kaiqing.yuan {at} Not Available McCone 209
Lian Xue Lian Xue Earthquake Physics using Hydrology and Geodesy Not Available McCone 215
Zhao BinCrustal Deformation in East Asia
Angela ChungImproving EEW algorithms
Dan FrostDeep earth structure
Chris Milliner
Corinna RoyGlobal seismic tomography
Christine RuhlDeveloping EEW using GPS
Kaiqing YuanMantle Structure
Lian XueEarthquake Physics using Hydrology and Geodesy
Graduate Students
Sierra Boyd Seismic source studies sierra {at} Not available -
Cheng Cheng Cheng Cheng Seismic imaging and modeling cchengster {at} Not available McCone 225
Li-Wei Chen Li-Wei Chen Global Seismology and Tomography Not available
Brent Delbridge Brent Delbridge Crustal/Mantle Rheology & E.Q. Seismogenesis delbridge {at} Not available McCone 169
William Hawley William Hawley Structure of the Juan de Fuca plate whawley {at} Not available McCone 289
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Fault Interaction and Seismicity cwj {at} Not available McCone 289
Qingkai Kong Qingkai Kong Non-traditional networks and EEW kongqk {at} Not available McCone 289
Nate Lindsey Nate Lindsey Fiber optic geophysics; ambient noise; permafrost natelindsey {at} McCone 225
Robert Martin-Short Robert Martin-Short Subduction zone dynamics Not available McCone 175
Kathryn Materna Kathryn Materna Fault Zone Deformation kmaterna {at} Not available McCone 175
Avinash Nayak Avinash Nayak Seismic source studies avinash {at} Not available McCone 225
Alex Robson Alex Robson Global seismic tomography a.robson {at} Not available McCone 201
Kathryn Wooddell wooddell {at} Not available McCone 225
Sierra BoydSeismic source studies
Li-Wei ChenGlobal Seismology and Tomography
Cheng ChengSeismic imaging and modeling
Brent DelbridgeCrustal/Mantle Rheology & E.Q. Seismogenesis
William HawleyStructure of the Juan de Fuca plate
Chris JohnsonFault Interaction and Seismicity
Qingkai KongNon-traditional networks and EEW
Nate LindseyFiber optic geophysics; ambient noise; permafrost
Robert Martin-ShortSubduction zone dynamics
Kathryn MaternaFault Zone Deformation
Avinash NayakSeismic source studies
Alex RobsonGlobal seismic tomography
Kathryn Wooddell
Undergraduate Students
Landon Damiao
Landon Damiao