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Open Positions at the Berkeley Seismological Lab

Systems Administrator Lead (Job ID #23652)

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) and the Earth and Planetary Science Geophysical Computing Laboratory operate a large network of Unix and Linux systems used by faculty, staff and students as an integrated and collaborative computing environment for research in the earth sciences. The computing environment includes more than 250 computers (desktop workstations, computation and storage servers, mail and web servers, real-time data acquisition, earthquake detection and analysis systems), over 400 terabytes of storage for users, data archiving and data distribution, and a computational cluster which operate in a tightly-coupled unified computing environment located in several campus buildings. The environment provides common account administration among most systems, unified distributed storage and printer resources, a common backup system, unified mail system, and shared access to computational resources. This position manages these resources. This includes system design, implementation and management, as well as overseeing the team of internal staff providing management and administration services for the systems.

The Berkeley Seismological Lab (BSL) Systems Administrator Lead oversees the design, planning, and operations of the unified research and operations computer network within BSL/GCL/EPS/Geography. The incumbent acts as the lead to internal staff to support these activities. The incumbent also develops, manages, participates in and supervises staff working to develop new tools for integrating processes and storage based in the cloud into real-time operations, computing and storage.

The position requires the use of advanced systems/infrastructure skills to automate and manage administration of Unix and Linux systems, and for using computer systems in the Cloud. The incumbent will interact with and advise both University faculty and staff at all levels, and with extra-university stakeholders and partners in academic, government and industry organizations. The position entails primary administration responsibility for the geophysics computational cluster, as well as defining and implementing data storage and curation on BSL and cloud computer systems. The incumbent will manage computer staff that provides operations, programming and support for real-time data operations at the BSL, and will participate in off-hours system monitoring and maintenance of critical systems with other operations staff.

For a complete description of the position and requirements, and to apply, please see the UC Berkeley jobs page (job ID number is #23652).

Applications Programming Manager I (Job ID #23602)

The Berkeley Seismological Lab (BSL), in collaboration with the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, operates seismic networks throughout Northern California that provide rapid earthquake information to the state, emergency response organizations, and the public. The BSL and USGS/MP designed, developed, and operate the Northern California Seismic System (NCSS) of the California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) and the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC). The CISN is a member of the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS). The NCSS provides rapid earthquake information to the state, emergency response organizations, and the public, and the NCEDC provides the long-term data archiving and distribution systems for these data. The BSL also contributes to the operation and development of the West Coast ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System (EEW).

The Berkeley Seismologial Lab Applications Programming Manager oversees and contributes to the design, planning, implementation and operations of the software systems that process and archive realtime earthquake information and data. The incumbent participates in the design and planning of the long range goals of the BSL geophysical networks, and the associated real time telemetry system, the NCSS, NCEC, and CISN. The incumbent designs, develops, modifies, tests, and evaluates and maintains computer programs, while also designing related databases as well as web interfaces and content. Work includes test-to-production processes, quality assurance, maintenance and documentation of applications, and may also include web applications programming. The Applications Programming Manager supervises internal programming staff working on the BSL projects related to earthquake monitoring, and data center operations. The incumbent also serves on and heads extra-university committees for planning, formulating and implementing standards and activities for the CISN, the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS) and the ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) system.

For a complete description of the position and requirements, and to apply, please see the UC Berkeley jobs page (job ID number is #23602).