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Earthquake Resources

The Berkeley Seismo Lab (BSL) collaborates with the USGS Menlo Park to automatically determine earthquake parameters within minutes after an event. Together, the BSL and the USGS are responsible for reporting on northern California earthquakes as part of the statewide monitoring effort know as the California Integrated Seismic Network.

As part of our monitoring and archiving operations, the BSL provides access to a broad range of earthquake information:

Did You Feel It?

Report your shaking experience to the USGS with this online form. You can also browse archives of felt reports for past California earthquakes

Get Prepared

Learn the seven steps to earthquake safety and follow some solid earthquake preparedness links. Also check out Totally Unprepared, a joint campaign of the Californis Office of Emergency Services and the California Earthquake Authority.

Real-Time Earthquake Map

Real-time, clickable earthquake map interface, hosted by the USGS. Zoom and pan around the global map, or jump to a map for a particular region, like California.

Sign up for Earthquake Notification

From the USGS: Sign up for email or text message notification about earthquakes in California and/or the World Earthquake Notification Serivce.

The Great California ShakeOut

The Great California ShakeOut is a statewide earthquake drill to aid families and organizations in becoming prepared for the next big quake.

Current Berkeley Broadband Seismograms

Take a quick look at the last 24 hours of data from our stations throughout Northern California. Statewide seismograms from the USGS are also available Also from the USGS, seismograms from stations all over the world can be viewed by clicking a triangle, then clicking the "heliplot" tab. Southern California's Webicorder also shows seismigrams from select stations.
Art: Memento Mori, created by Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, Gregory Kuhn, and Wojciech Matusik, is an internet-based earthwork that utilizes a real-time data feed from UC Berkeley's seismological station BKS.
Art: In Bloom, by Ken Goldberg, Sanjay Krishnan, Fernanda ViƩgas, and Martin Wattenberg, ground motion along the Hayward Fault in California is detected by a seismograph, transmitted continuously via the Internet and processed to generate an evolving field of circular blooms.

EQ Special Reports

California Integrated Seismic Network archive of special reports on earthquakes of interest. The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory contributes reports for Northern California, while Southern California reports are contributed by the SCSN.

Hayward Fault

The Hayward Fault passes through UC Berkeley. Check out our web pages on the hazard in our own backyard.

Searchable Earthquake Catalogs

Search for earthquakes in our Northern California, Southern California, and Global catalogs.

Looking for Fault Line information near your home?

Information on the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning (AP) Act, as well as downloadable and interactive fault zone maps. From the California Department of Conservation.


Maps showing ground shaking from the latest quakes