CalDay: April 22, 2017

Join us for public lectures on Earthquake Early Warning and California's Big One, then stop by McCone plaza for demos on volcanoes, liquefaction, and more!

11:30-12:00 California and the Big One: What is fact, and what is fiction?

William Hawley, Earth and Planetary Science PhD Student, 141 McCone Hall

Everyone has heard of the Big One, but what do we actually know about it, and what should we expect? Join us to find out why earthquakes happen in California, what we know--and what we don't--about the biggest earthquakes, and a few simple things you can do to make yourself a safer California resident.

3:00-3:45 Earthquake warning: New technology to reduce this critical threat

Richard Allen, Director, Berkeley Seismology Lab & EPS Chair, 141 McCone Hall

We can now provide warnings before earthquakes. Hear how we can provide enough warning to take cover under a sturdy table, slow and stop trains, isolate hazardous machinery and chemicals at work, and thereby reduce damage and injuries. Warnings are now being generated in California, and using new smartphone technology they will soon be available around the world.

10:00-3:00 Drop by McCone Hall Plaza for demos and discussion

Discover what can make soil behave like a liquid during an earthquake, investigate why volcanos form and erupt with our volcano simulation, learn how you can get prepared for a damaging earthquake, and talk to our graduate students about their earthquake science research. Get your Science@Cal Passport stamped here! Learn more about CalDay at UC Berkeley at

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