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UC Berkeley tracks tremors with "Tremorscope"

ShakeAlert: An earthquake warning from your cellphone

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - Moment of Geek: Quake warning provides extra life-saving seconds

"Earthquakes Near and Far" Public Lecture

BSL scientist Peggy Hellweg gives a talk on "Tectonic Time Bombs - Earthquakes Near and Far" for the Science@Cal public lecture series.

Shake Table at the Lawrence Hall of Science (Seismo Susie Video)

The shake table is one of the many hands-on activities found within the science educational programs at UC Berkeley's public science center, the Lawrence Hall of Science. For more information on current offerings visit

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BEAR Earthquake Preparedness Video

See the earthquake preparedness video for undergraduate students on the UC Berkeley campus. This video was put together by students in a Freshman Seminar given by Profs. Richard Allen and Barbara Romanowicz.

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Paleoseismic Trenching Video

SDSU Seismologist Pat Williams explains paleoseismic trenching.

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The USGS Hayward Fault Simulation

The USGS Hayward Fault M7.0 earthquake simulation. (Click here to view more USGS Hayward Fault earthquake simulations.)

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Tectonic History of the Pacific Plate

This animation by Dr. Tanya Atwater of UC Santa Barbara is also available with written narration highlighting the different geological processes at play. Under her direction, The Educational Multimedia Visualization Center at UCSB has created many other beautiful geologic visualizations.

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1989 Loma Prieta Quake

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1906 earthquake aftermath Newly restored film showing the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and fire.

The BSL's annual Lawson Lecture, held every year in April, highlights a broad range of earthquake issues of interest to the Berkeley community