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Earthquake Of The Week Schedule

Fall 2014: 12:30-1:30 in McCone 220

Conference Room Projector Instructions
Guidance For Student Presentations

Date (Mondays) Seismicity Research
September 8
Introduction to course
September 15
Robert Martin-ShortAndrea Chiang: Regional moment tensor source-type discrimination sensitivity analysis
September 22
Qingkai KongCheng Cheng
September 29
Eoghan TottenChris Johnson: Global catalog analysis shows that dynamic triggering of remote ≥5.5 earthquakes is rare
October 6th
Chris JohnsonTaka'aki Taira: Monitoring of Relative Velocity Change Following the 2014 Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake
October 13
Andrea ChiangMarco Calo: Imaging North America velocity structure
October 20
Cheng ChengThomas Bodin: Is there anisotropy in the Mantle?
October 27
Laura SalmiAngie Chung: Using ambient vibrations of buildings to obtain a building response
November 3
Katie WooddellRan Nof: Israel's Seismic Network: Towards Earthquake Early Warning
November 10
William Hawley
November 17
Avinash NayakCheng Cheng
November 24
Qingkai Kong: MyShake: Building a smartphone seismic network
December 1
Mong-Han: Twenty-five years of postseismic viscous relaxation following the 1989 Mw 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake


Spring 2014 Earthquake of the Week

Date (Mondays) Paper presentation Seismicity/current events
February 3
Qingkai Kong - Hoshiba (2014)Real-Time Correction of Frequency-Dependent Site Amplification Factors for Application to Earthquake Early Warning. , BSSA Zhao (Allen) Zheng
February 10
Chris Johnson (1) Wei et al. William?
February 17
holiday - President's Day holiday
February 24
Michael (1) - Ide The proportionality between relative plate velocity and seismicity in subduction zones, Natgeo, 6, - pp780 - 784 Cheng
March 3
Cheng Cheng (1) Fichtner et al. )The deep structure of the North Anatolian Fault Zone, EPSL, 373, 109-117. Sierra?
March 10
Avinash (1) Bean et al. (2014) Long-period seismicity in the shallow volcanic edifice formed from slow-rupture earthquakes, Natgeo 7,71-75 Avinash
March 17
William - Conrad et al. (2013) Stability of active mantle upweling revealed by net characteristics of plate tectonics, Nature, 498, 479-482 Michael Heid
March 24
Spring break - no class Spring break
March 31
James Koenig Heidi Hansen
April 7
Meng Cai (1) ) Tsunami source of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake detected by an ocean-bottom magnetometer, EPSL, 382, 117-124 Meng Cai
April 14
Sierra (3) Faulkner and Armitage (2013) The effect of tectonic environment on permeability development around faults and in the brittle crust, EPSL, 375, Pages 71-77 Chris Johnson
April 21
Heidi Hansen TBD Liliana
April 28
Liliana(1) glacial earthquakes tbd James Koenig

Spring 2013 Earthquake of the Week

Conference Room Projector Instructions
Guidance For Student Presentations

Date Seismicity Paper Review
February 4
Rob Porritt Review of recent seismicity/organizational meeting
February 11 Mong-Han Huang Qingkai Kong - High-resolution 3D shallow crustal structure in Long Beach, California: application of ambient noise tomography on a dense seismic array (Lin, Fan-Chi; Li, Dunzhu; Clayton, Robert; Hollis, Dan)
February 18 - President's Day
February 25 Cheng Cheng Andrea Chiang - Seismicity near the slip maximum of the 1960 Mw 9.5 Valdivia earthquake (Chile): Plate interface lock and reactivation of the subducted Valdivia Fracture Zone (Dzierma et. al, JGR 2012)
March 4 Andrea Chiang Cheng Cheng - Interferometric imaging of the underside of a subducting crust (Oleg V. Poliannikov, Stéphane Rondenay, Ling Chen, GJI 2012)
March 11 Qingkai Kong Chris Johnson - Earthquake nucleation and triggering on an optimally oriented fault, Tape, et. al., EPSL 2012
March 18 Special seminar: Jesus Ibañez, University of Grenada
High definition seismic tomography in volcanoes
March 25 - Spring Break
April 1 Special seminar: Graham Kent, Nevada Seismological Laboratory
Development of underwater paleoseismic techniques: An application to transtensional environments along the Western U.S. plate boundary
April 8 Robert Martin-Short Avinash Nayak
April 15 Sanne Cottaar Scott French
April 22 Special seminar: Florian Rickers
Adjoint tomography of Iceland and the North Atlantic region
April 29 Avinash Nayak Mong-Han Huang - Rolling hills on the core-mantle boundary, Sun et. al., EPSL 2013



Spring 2012 Earthquake of the Week


Date Seismicity Paper Review
January 20 Scott French - Recap of Winter Break Seismicity (pdf) n/a
January 27 Sanne Cottaar - Tectonics and seismic deployments in Antarctica (pdf) Scott French - A Rayleigh wave back-projection method applied to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake (Roten, et. al.) (pdf)
February 3 Andrea Chiang - M 7.2 Northern Sumatra Rob Porritt - Model Update March 2011: Upper Mantle Heterogeneity beneath North America from Traveltime Tomography with Global and USArray Transportable Array Data (Burdick, et. al.)
February 10 Allen Zheng - Seismicity of the Philippines Andrea Chiang - Migrating Swarms of Brittle-failure Earthquakes in the Lower Crust Beneath Mammoth Mountain, California (Shelly & Hill)
Download movie from AGU website
February 17 Rob Porritt - Juan de Fuca plate system Sanne Cottaar - Combining Seismic Arrays to Image the High Frequency Characteristics of Large Earthquakes (Kiser & Ishi)
February 24 Rodrigo Music - Design Response Spectrum - A deterministic approach
March 2 Qingkai Kong - February 26 Russian earthquake and background Rodrigo Music - Identification of High Frequency pulse from Earthquake asperities along Chilean subduction zone using strong motion
March 9 Sierra Boyd - Hayward Fault sequence of events: El Cerrito, CA, March 5, 2012
March 16
Special seminar: Yoshio Fukao
March 23 Seung Hoon Yoo - M 7.4 Oaxaca, Mexico Allen Zheng - Tibetan plate overriding the Asian plate in central and northern Tibet (Zhao et. al.)
March 30
--- Spring Break ---
April 6 Michael Barnes - Scaling of Ground Motions Sierra Boyd - Location and Felt Reports for the 25 April 2010 mbLg 3.9 Earthquake near Alice Texas: Was it induced by Petroleum Production?
April 13 Cheng Cheng - The Cascadia Subduction Zone and Related Seismicity Qingkai Kong
April 20 Thomas Bodin Michael Barnes