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125 Years of Sound Science, serving society
  • Installing borehole station CMSB
  • The borehole was already drilled
  • Loading the cable
  • Preparing to install the geophone
  • Geophone hangs over borehole
  • Preparing to pull the cable
  • Securing the pull string
  • Capped borehole and cabling
  • Data is flowing to the lab
  • First quake of note - M 3.4 8/12

Fundamental Research: Learn more about how the BSL is bringing Earthquake Early Warning to the state of California, the makeup of Earth's upper mantle, and what is actually happening deep inside the San Andreas Fault.

Hazard Information: Berkeley operates several different networks and observatories in California. How is data from the BSL used to mitigate or even prevent disasters? How does Berkeley contribute to earthquake understanding and awareness? Exploring data products produced by the BSL can answer these questions and more.

Broad Education: Explore our outreach website to find a virtual tour of the Hayward Fault, learn how to prepare for an earthquake, and track seismic waves as they travel through the earth!

These are the three key aspects of BSL's mission.