Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar regularly takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm in 265 McCone Hall. For the duration of the "shelter in place" order, including the 2021 Spring Semester, Seminars will take place via Zoom.

Spring 2021 Seminar

Name Affiliation Title
January 26 No Seminar - ShakeAlert meeting
February 2 No Seminar - Northern CA NEHRP meeting
February 9 Rachel Abercrombie Boston University Using Small Earthquakes to Probe the Controls on Earthquake Source Processes
February 16 Zhongwen Zhan Caltech Geophysical sensing on submarine cables: a cocktail for two communities
February 23 Juliane Dannberg Univ. of Florida The morphology, evolution and seismic visibility of partial melt at the core-mantle boundary: Implications for ULVZs
March 2 Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos LBL Towards regional subsurface characterization and monitoring using Dark Fiber DAS: challenges and opportunities
March 9 Naoki Uchida Tohoku University A Decade of Lessons Learned from the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake
March 16 Christopher Johnson Los Alamos National Laboratory Seismic noise is the signal: Learning the earthquake activity on the central San Andreas Fault
March 23 No Seminar - Spring Break
March 30 Lauren Waszek James Cook University Constraints on structure, dynamics, and composition of the upper mantle using automated seismic waveform identification
April 6 Saeko Kita Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Intraslab earthquake, slow slip and repeating earthquake beneath Kii peninsula, southwestern Japan
April 13 Whyjay Zheng UC Berkeley Statistics The demise of Arctic ice caps: from glacier surge to ice stream
April 20 No Seminar - SSA Meeting
April 27 Kate Huihsuan Chen National Taiwan Normal University The nature of a dip-slip creeping fault in Taiwan: How and where it creeps



Fall 2020 Seminars

Name Affiliation Title
September 1 Matti Morzfeld UCSD What is Bayesian inference, why is it useful in Earth science and why is it challenging to do numerically?
September 8 Susan Schwartz UCSC Where's Waldo? The Application of Template Matching to Understanding Fault and Glacier Mechanics
September 15 Lars Stixrude UCLA Planetary magnetic fields produced by silicate dynamos
September 22 Sylvain Barbot USC Excitation of San Andreas tremors by thermal instability below the seismogenic zone
September 29 Kevin Kwong U. Washington Insights into seismic deformation and subducting slab structure beneath Ecuador using teleseismic relocation and tomography
October 6 Magali Billen UC Davis Deep slab seismicity limited by rate of deformation in transition zone
October 13 Laura Wallace GNS Science, New Zealand and University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Relationships between slow slip events, megathrust locking, and seismicity at the Hikurangi subduction zone, New Zealand
October 20 Ebru Bozdag CSM Investigation of the Earth’s mantle & outer core with 3D wave simulations
October 27 Frederik Simons Princeton University Through the Ocean to the Mantle: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas with a Fleet of Floating Seismic Robots
November 3 No seminar
November 10 Dan Shim Arizona State University Calcium Dissolution in Bridgmanite in the Earth’s Deep Mantle
November 17 Brandon Schmandt University of New Mexico Seismically imaging magma reservoirs under large silicic calderas
November 24 Alex Robson UC Berkeley Exit Seminar
December 1 Ved Lekic University of Maryland To Be Announced

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