Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar regularly takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm in 220 McCone Hall. For the duration of the "shelter in place" order, the seminar will take place via Zoom, and there will be a Zoom option for the rest of the 2020 Spring Semester.

Spring 2020 Seminars

Speaker Affiliation Title
Janury 21 Arthur Rodgers LLNL Toward Exascale Earthquake Ground Motion Simulations: Mw 7.0 Hayward Fault Ruptures
January 28 Heather Shaddox UC Santa Cruz Burst-type Repeating Earthquakes as a Proxy for Transient Aseismic Slip
February 4 Max Wyss ICES International Centre for Earth Simulation Foundation Estimating fatalities in earthquakes, and why probabilities of large earthquakes cannot be estimated based on the Gutenberg-Richter relation
February 11 Sue Hough USGS, Pasadena Earthquake Ground Motions and Building Damage: The Long and Short of It
February 18 Tarje Nissen-Meyer Oxford University (visiting at Stanford) Good Vibrations? Deciphering complex wavefields for deep Earth, shallow planets, explosions and elephants
February 25 Vashan D. Wright LSU (BSL visitor) Neotectonics and Aging Sands: A Jamaican Story
March 3 Federico Munch BSL postdoc Determining Earth's mantle thermo-chemical structure from joint analysis of seismic and electromagnetic sounding data
March 10 Seminar canceled
March 17 Yann Klinger

(Presented remotely via Zoom.)
BSL/IPGP The Dead Sea fault, a strike-slip fault model
March 24 Spring Recess - no seminar
March 31 Avinash Nayak (presented via Zoom only) LBNL Joint inversion of body-wave travel times and surface-wave dispersion in Central California and identification of higher mode Rayleigh waves (Video Recording)
April 7 Luca Dal Zilio Caltech Building of the Himalaya Across Scales: From Tectonics to Earthquakes (Video Recording)
April 14 Yen Joe Tan Stanford Axial Seamount as a unique laboratory to study how stress changes affect earthquake occurrence
April 21 Johanna M. Nevitt USGS, Moffett Field Mechanical controls on fault slip and deformation at Earth's surface during the 2014 M6.0 South Napa earthquake
April 28 Eric Lindsey Earth Observatory of Singapore Unlocking the physics of earthquake hazards with geodesy: Megathrusts, mountains and Myanmar (Video Recording)

Fall 2019 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
September 3 Marco Bohnoff GFZ Seismomechanical reservoir characterization and controlling induced seismicity: Recent examples from The Geysers/California and Helsinki/Finland geothermal projects
September 10 Robert Martin-Short BSL Multi-scale seismic imaging of the Alaskan subduction zone
September 17 Lauren Waszek New Mexico State University Thermochemical controls for the visibility of upper and mid-mantle discontinuities
September 24 Kathryn Materna BSL Seismic coupling on plate boundary faults at the Mendocino Triple Junction
October 1 Stuart Russell Berkeley Global seismic monitoring: A Bayesian approach
October 8 Chi-Yuen Wang BSL Earthquake effects on groundwater - studied with Earth tides
October 15 Men-Andrin Meier Caltech Harnessing the Power of Deep Learning Algorithms to Design the Next-Generation Seismic Monitoring System
October 22 Sylvain Barbot USC From the microphysics of faulting to subduction-zone dynamics: constitutive and structural controls on the seismic cycle
October 29 Amy Williamson U Oregon Coseismic or Landslide? The source of the 2018 Palu Tsunamis
November 5 Dan Frost BSL Dynamic history of the inner core constrained by seismic anisotropy
November 12 Camilla Emily Penney Cambridge The role of lateral rheology contrasts in the evolution of mountain ranges: insights from South East Tibet
November 19 Jeremy Maurer JPL Geodetic remote sensing constrains moment release from the 2017/2018 combined SSE and earthquakes near Guerrero, Mexico
November 26 THANKSGIVING - no seminar
December 3 Jeff McGuire USGS Menlo Park Imaging the subducted Gorda plate from the deformation front to the ETS zone
December 10 AGU - no seminar
December 17 Felipe Orellana University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Thermo-chemical plume interactions with mantle viscosity layering and phase transformations: comparisons with seismic imaging

Spring 2019 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 29 Dr. Walter Mooney USGS/Menlo Park The Upper Mantle Beneath North America: A New View from USArray Data
February 5 Prof. William Frank USC Self Diagnostic low-frequency earthquakes and the slow slip that drives them
February 12 Prof. Michael Bostock Univ. of British Columbia Controls on Seismicity in Cascadia
February 19 Prof. Cliff Thurber Univ. of Wisconsin What lies beneath Laguna del Maule, Chile?
February 26 Camilla Cattania Stanford U. Crack models to explain seismic cycles at different scales: small repeating earthquakes and vertical strike slip faults
March 5 Dr. Arben Pitarka LLNL Ground Motion Simulations of the M7, 2016 Kumamoto, Japan Earthquake Using Physics Based Rupture Models
March 12 Prof. Philippe Lognonné IPG Paris SEIS on Mars: Development challenges and first observations
March 19 Prof. Ebru Bozdag Colorado School of Mines Imaging Earth’s mantle with adjoint tomography: From measurements to interpretation
March 26 Spring Break
April 2 Guang Zhai BSL postodc Mechanical Modeling of Fluid-Rock Interactions: Volcano Deformation and Induced Seismicity
April 9 Felipe Gonzalez EPS postdoc Melting and stability of minerals at high pressure: consequences for Super-Earths and gas giants
April 16 Prof. Heather Ford UC Riverside Imaging the mantle structure of cratons: Implications for the formation and modification of the Wyoming lithosphere
April 23 Mark Jellinek U. of British Columbia Ice, fire or fizzle: The climate footprint of Earth’s supercontinental cycles
Tuesday, April 30 Jill Banfield (Faculty Research Lecture)
4PM Sibley Auditorium
Bechtel Engineering Center
Mysteries of the Invisible World of Microbes
May 7 Tushar Mittal U.C Berkeley Eruptive tempo and climatic impact of the Deccan Traps

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