Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar regularly takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm (PST) unless otherwise noted. Seminars will be hybrid with in-person people joining from the BSL Conference Room (220 McCone Hall) and many others joining virtually. Please email Barbara Romanowicz ( to be added to the mailing list to receive the Zoom link.

Spring 2024 Seminars

Name Affiliation Title
January 23 Mengsu HU Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Modeling chemo-mechanical effects on multiscale roughness
January 30 No Seminar- USGS Hazards Workshop
February 6 Rudy Wenk UC Berkeley Seismic anisotropy of rocks: from serpentine to hydrous mantle phases
February 13 Mark Richards UC Berkeley Chasing Darwin’s Shadow: Geophysics and Evolution in the Galapagos
February 20 Aaron Micallef Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute A paradigm shift towards finer scale field measurements in seafloor geomorphology
February 27 Max Rudolph UC Davis Cracks and eruptions on icy moons
March 5 Jeremy Rekier Obs. Royal de Belgique Free oscillations in the Earth's liquid core, an overview
March 12 Arben Pitarka Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Physics-based Ground Motion Modeling and Simulations in the San Francisco Bay Area using High Performance Computing
March 19 Eric Dunham Stanford Forensic seismic analysis and source modeling of the 2022 Nord Stream gas pipeline sabotage
March 26 Spring Break
April 2 Larry Hutchings Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Rock Physics Applied to Interpreting Tomographic Images of Elastic Parameters for Geothermal Reservoir Identification and Characterization in the Philippines and Taiwan
April 9 Robert Skoumal USGS Moffett Field Improving focal mechanisms with machine learning
April 16 Solene Antoine NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Kilometer-wide shallow bulk plastic yielding around continental active faults, and its relation to the earthquake source and fault structure
April 23 Betsy Madden San Jose State University Contributions and challenges of fault and earthquake modeling in seismic hazard assessment

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