Berkeley Seismological Laboratory PhD Theses


Rodrigo Chi Detection of Waves in the Earth’s Outer Core Using Geomagnetic Data-Driven Techniques

Advisor: Douglas Dreger


William Davis Stochastic Models of Geodynamo Simulations

Advisor: Bruce Buffett
Patcharaporn Maneerat Short- and Long- Term Tectonics across the Indo-Burma Range

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Yuexin Li Illuminating seismic and aseismic fault slip from satellite geodesy: focus on continental creeping faults



Nathaniel J. Lindsey Fiberoptic Seismology in Theory and Practice

Advisor: Douglas Dreger and Michael Manga
Kathryn Materna Geodetic and Seismological Investigations of Earthquake Cycle Deformation and Fault Zone Properties

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Noah Randolph-Flagg The Role of Groundwater in Volcanic and Fault Zone Processes

Advisor: Michael Manga
Robert I. Citron Early Mars Geodynamics: Giant Impacts, Super-Plumes, and Vast Oceans

Advisor: Michael Manga
Robert Michael Martin-Short Seismic Investigation of Subduction in Cascadia and Alaska and Simulating the Ability of MyShake Networks to Detect and Locate Earthquakes

Advisor: Richard Allen


Sierra Boyd Analysis of Seismic Moment Tensors, In-Situ Stress, and Finite-Source Scaling of Earthquakes at The Geysers Geothermal Field, California

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Qingkai Kong MyShake – Building a global smartphone seismic network

Advisor: Richard Allen


Chris Johnson Stress modulation of earthquakes : A study of long and short period stress perturbations and the crustal response

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Brent Gregory Delbridge Constraints on Slow Slip from Landsliding and Faulting

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Seth A Saltiel The seismic signature of fractures and faults: Low-frequency shear anelasticity measurements toward determining stress and frictional conditions of reservoir fractures in situ

Advisor: Bruce Buffett


Andrea Chiang Investigating Source Processes of Isotropic Events

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Shan Dou Field and Laboratory Investigations on Seismic Properties of Unconsolidated Saline Permafrost Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Scott French Global full-waveform tomography using the spectral element method: New constraints on the structure of the Earth's interior

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Mong-Han Huang Crustal deformation during co- and postseismic phases of the earthquake cycle inferred from geodetic and seismic data

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Zhao Zheng Refining Constraints on Seismic Discontinuities and Elastic Structure in the Earth's Upper Mantle Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Saane Cottaar Heterogeneity and Flow in the Deep Earth

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Rob Porritt Tracing the Farallon plate through seismic imaging with USArray Advisor: Richard Allen


Holly Moore Brown Evaluating and Improving the ElarmS Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm

Advisor: Richard Allen
Amanda Thomas Fact or friction: Inferring rheology from nonvolcanic tremor and low-frequency earthquakes on the deep San Andreas fault

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Kelly Wiseman The Far Reach of MegaThrust Earthquakes: Evolution of Stress, Deformation, and Seismicity Following the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Rupture Advisor: Roland Bürgmann


Edwin (Trey) Apel Shells on a Sphere: Tectonic Plate Motion and Plate Boundary Deformation

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Aurélie Guilhem Analysis of unusual earthquake and tremor seismicity at the Mendocino triple junction and Parkfield, California Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Gilead Wurman Earthquake Early Warning and the Physics of Earthquake Rupture

Advisor: Richard Allen
Yder Jean Masson Computing the Seismic Attenuation in Complex Porous Materials

Advisor: Michael Manga


Vedran Lekic Inferring the Elastic Structure of the Earth's Mantle using the Spectral Element Method

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Ahyi Kim Investigating Rupture Process of Parkfield Seismicity Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Nestor Herman Cuevas Electrokinetic coupling in hydraulic fracture propagation

Advisor: James Rector


Sean Ford Isotropic Sources and Attenuation Structure: Nuclear Tests, Mine Collapses, and Q

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Karl Kappler Long Term Electromagnetic Monitoring at Parkfield, CA

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz

Mei Xue

Using Seismic Methods to Constrain Mantle Convection Processes Advisor: Richard Allen


Dennise Christine Templeton Exotic Seismic Sources: Nearly Identically Repeating Events and Non-Double-Couple Earthquakes

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann and Douglas Dreger


David Dolenc Results From Two Studies in Seismology: I. Seismic Observations and Modeling in the Santa Clara Valley, California
II. Observations and Removal of the Long-Period Noise at the Monterey Ocean Bottom Broadband Station (MOBB)

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Ingrid Johanson Slip Characteristics of San Andreas Fault Transition Zone Segments

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Junkee Rhie Studies on tiny and huge seismic sources using long period surface waves: From the hum to 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Akiko To Elastic and viscoelastic properties of the solid earth using normal mode based and numerical methods in 1D and in 3D Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Aimin Cao Seismological Constraints on Inner Core Properties Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Matthew d'Alessio The Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Faults

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Dennise Templeton Exotic Seismic Sources: Nearly Identically Repeating Events and Non-Double-Couple Earthquakes

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Mark Panning Deep Earth Seismic Structure and Earthquake Source Processes from Long Period Waveform Modelling Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Wu-Cheng Chi From subduction to collision : results from seismic profiling, gravity modeling, and earthquake finite fault inversions in Taiwan region

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Yuan-Cheng Gung Lateral Variations in Attenuation and Anisotropy of the Upper Mantle from Seismic Waveform Tomography Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


David Schmidt The Kinematics of Faults in the San Francisco Bay Area Inferred from Geodetic and Seismic Data Advisor: Roland Bürgmann


Hrvoje Tkalčić Study of deep Earth structure using body waves Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Ludovic Bregér New constraints on deep earth heterogeneity and anisotropy

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Chanicy Kuo Three-dimensional Density Structure of the Earth: Limits to Astrophysical and Seismological Approaches

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Christiane Wilson Stidham Three-Dimensional Crustal Structure Influences on Wave Propagation and Generation of Strong Ground Motion in the greater San Francisco Bay region Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Janine Weber-Band Neotectonics of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area, east-central Coast Ranges, California Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Peggy Johnson Source processes of small earthquakes, M 1-5: studies of the San Andreas fault and Parkfield and Long Valley Caldera, California Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Michael Pasyanos Regional Moment Tensors and the Structure of the Crust in Central and Nothern California

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Michael Antolik New results from studies of three outstanding problems in local, regional, and global seismology Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Xian-Dong Li The Asphericity of the Earth from Free Oscillations Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz