Berkeley Seismological Laboratory PhD Theses


William Davis Stochastic Models of Geodynamo Simulations

Advisor: Bruce Buffett
Patcharaporn Maneerat Short- and Long- Term Tectonics across the Indo-Burma Range

Yuexin Li Illuminating seismic and aseismic fault slip from satellite geodesy: focus on continental creeping faults



Nathaniel J. Lindsey Fiberoptic Seismology in Theory and Practice

Advisor: Douglas Dreger and Michael Manga
Kathryn Materna Geodetic and Seismological Investigations of Earthquake Cycle Deformation and Fault Zone Properties

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Noah Randolph-Flagg The Role of Groundwatwr in Volcanic and Fault Zone Processes

Michael Manga
Robert I. Citron Early Mars Geodynamics: Giant Impacts, Super-Plumes, and Vast Oceans

Advisor: Michael Manga
Robert Michael Martin-Short Seismic Investigation of Subduction in Cascadia and Alaska and Simulating the Ability of MyShake Networks to Detect and Locate Earthquakes

Advisor: Richard M Allen


Sierra Boyd Analysis of Seismic Moment Tensors, In-Situ Stress, and Finite-Source Scaling of Earthquakes at The Geysers Geothermal Field, California

Advisor: Doug Dreger
Qingkai Kong MyShake – Building a global smartphone seismic network

Advisor: Richard Allen


Chris Johnson Stress modulation of earthquakes : A study of long and short period stress perturbations and the crustal response

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Brent Gregory Delbridge Constraints on Slow Slip from Landsliding and Faulting

Advisor: Roland Burgmann
Seth A Saltiel The seismic signature of fractures and faults: Low-frequency shear anelasticity measurements toward determining stress and frictional conditions of reservoir fractures in situ

Advisor: Bruce Buffett


Andrea Chiang Investigating Source Processes of Isotropic Events

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Shan Dou Field and Laboratory Investigations on Seismic Properties of Unconsolidated Saline Permafrost Advisor: Douglas Dreger


Scott French Global full-waveform tomography using the spectral element method: New constraints on the structure of the Earth's interior

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Mong-Han Huang Crustal deformation during co- and postseismic phases of the earthquake cycle inferred from geodetic and seismic data

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Zhao Zheng Refining Constraints on Seismic Discontinuities and Elastic Structure in the Earth's Upper Mantle Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Saane Cottaar Heterogeneity and Flow in the Deep Earth

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Rob Porritt Tracing the Farallon plate through seismic imaging with USArray Advisor: Richard Allen


Holly Moore Brown Evaluating and Improving the ElarmS Earthquake Early Warning Algorithm

Advisor: Richard Allen
Amanda Thomas Fact or friction: Inferring rheology from nonvolcanic tremor and low-frequency earthquakes on the deep San Andreas fault

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Kelly Wiseman The Far Reach of MegaThrust Earthquakes: Evolution of Stress, Deformation, and Seismicity Following the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Rupture Advisor: Roland Bürgmann


Edwin (Trey) Apel Shells on a Sphere: Tectonic Plate Motion and Plate Boundary Deformation

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Aurélie Guilhem Analysis of unusual earthquake and tremor seismicity at the Mendocino triple junction and Parkfield, California Advisor: Doug Dreger


Gilead Wurman Earthquake Early Warning and the Physics of Earthquake Rupture

Advisor: Richard Allen
Yder Jean Masson Computing the Seismic Attenuation in Complex Porous Materials

Advisor: Michael Manga


Vedran Lekic Inferring the Elastic Structure of the Earth's Mantle using the Spectral Element Method

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Ahyi Kim Investigating Rupture Process of Parkfield Seismicity Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Nestor Herman Cuevas Electrokinetic coupling in hydraulic fracture propagation

Advisor: James Rector


Sean Ford Isotropic Sources and Attenuation Structure: Nuclear Tests, Mine Collapses, and Q

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Karl Kappler Long Term Electromagnetic Monitoring at Parkfield, CA

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz

Mei Xue

Using Seismic Methods to Constrain Mantle Convection Processes Advisor: Richard Allen


Dennise Christine Templeton Exotic Seismic Sources: Nearly Identically Repeating Events and Non-Double-Couple Earthquakes

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann and Douglas Dreger


David Dolenc Results From Two Studies in Seismology: I. Seismic Observations and Modeling in the Santa Clara Valley, California
II. Observations and Removal of the Long-Period Noise at the Monterey Ocean Bottom Broadband Station (MOBB)

Advisor: Douglas Dreger
Ingrid Johanson Slip Characteristics of San Andreas Fault Transition Zone Segments

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Junkee Rhie Studies on tiny and huge seismic sources using long period surface waves: From the hum to 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Akiko To Elastic and viscoelastic properties of the solid earth using normal mode based and numerical methods in 1D and in 3D Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Aimin Cao Seismological Constraints on Inner Core Properties Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Matthew d'Alessio The Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of Faults

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Dennise Templeton Exotic Seismic Sources: Nearly Identically Repeating Events and Non-Double-Couple Earthquakes

Advisor: Roland Bürgmann
Mark Panning Deep Earth Seismic Structure and Earthquake Source Processes from Long Period Waveform Modelling Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Wu-Cheng Chi From subduction to collision : results from seismic profiling, gravity modeling, and earthquake finite fault inversions in Taiwan region

Advisor: Doug Dreger
Yuan-Cheng Gung Lateral Variations in Attenuation and Anisotropy of the Upper Mantle from Seismic Waveform Tomography Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


David Schmidt The Kinematics of Faults in the San Francisco Bay Area Inferred from Geodetic and Seismic Data Advisor: Roland Bürgmann


Hrvoje Tkalčić Study of deep Earth structure using body waves Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Ludovic Bregér New constraints on deep earth heterogeneity and anisotropy

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Chanicy Kuo Three-dimensional Density Structure of the Earth: Limits to Astrophysical and Seismological Approaches

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Christiane Wilson Stidham Three-dimentional crustal structure influences on wave propagation and generation of strong ground motion in the greater San Francisco Bay Area Advisor: Doug Dreger


Janine Weber-Band Neotectonics of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta area, east-central Coast Ranges, California Advisor Doug Dreger


Peggy Johnson Source processes of small earthquakes, M 1-5: studies of the San Andreas fault and Parkfield and Long Valley Caldera, California Advisor Doug Dreger


Michael Pasyanos Regional Moment Tensors and the Structure of the Crust in Central and Nothern California

Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz
Michael Antolik New results from studies of three outstanding problems in local, regional, and global seismology Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz


Xian-Dong Li The Asphericity of the Earth from Free Oscillations Advisor: Barbara Romanowicz