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2015 Earthquake Research Affiliates Meeting


Current landscape for EEW in the Bay Area

9:00am Overview of the ShakeAlert Project - Dr. Richard Allen
9:20am EWW at BART - Kevin Copley, BART
9:40am How San Francisco is Implementing EEW - Fuad Sweiss, Dept. Pub. Works
10:00am Pilot Project for Contra Costa City - Efraim Petek, AtHoc (a division of Blackberry)
10:15am EEW Triggering Actions - Josh Bashioum, Early Warning Labs

Coffee Break

New Initiatives

11:00am Connecting Earthquake Data Products to Tsunami Early Warning - Dr. Diego Melgar, BSL
11:20am Using Trigger Validation to Improve ElarmS Earthquake Detections - Dr. Angela Chung, BSL
11:40am EEW and Mobile Apps - Qingkai Kong, BSL

Lunch Break

1:00pm Q&A Session - led by Dr. Jennifer Strauss
2:00pm Vendor Fair and Networking Social - Alert 360, AtHoc, Early Warning Labs, Global Security Systems, Grillo, Regroup


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