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Geophysics Brown Bag Schedule

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Fall 2012 Geophysics Brown Bag


Date Presenter Title
Sep 1
Huaiyu Yuan A tale of two continents: Seismic anisotropy in cratonic upper mantle
Sep 17 Sanne Cottaar A broad ultra-low-velocity-zone on the core-mantle boundary near Hawaii
Sep 24 Victor Zykov
Schmidt Ocean Institute
Collaborative Research with the Schmidt Ocean Institute and Marine Science & Technology Foundation
Oct 1 Doug Dreger Moment Tensor Based Discrimination of Nuclear Explosions and other Exotic Events
Oct 8 Pam Kaercher The elastic constants of plagioclase feldspars
Oct 15 Taka'aki Taira Seismic Constraints on Fault-Zone Rheology at Depth
Oct 22 Mong-Han Huang Probing the Deep Rheology of Tibet: Constraints from the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan, China Earthquake
Oct 29 Ian Rose Coupling rotational and mantle dynamics
Nov 5 Manoochehr Shirzaei Determination of slip history from continuous GPS records
Nov 12
UCB closed
Nov 19 Ronni Grapenthin
Nov 26 Brent Delbridge
Dec 3
Dec 10 Ken Goldberg Bloom: Aesthetics and Analysis of Streaming Seismic Data