The vault at our seismic station GASB.

The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory conducts essential research on earthquakes and solid earth processes while collecting and delivering high quality geophysical data.

We provide robust and real-time earthquake and hazard information on Northern California earthquakes, in collaboration with our partners.

We enable the broad consumption of earthquake information by the general public while educating and training students at all levels.

Seismogram showing earthquake at station CMSB

Danger Lurking under the East Bay

When an earthquake struck the Northern Hayward Fault in the wee hours of Thursday morning, it was literally a wake-up call for thousands of residents of the Bay Area...

Christine Ruhl

Using the Global Navigation Satellite System for Earthquake Research

Berkeley Seismo Lab researcher Christine Ruhl uses the Global Navigation Satellite System in her Earthquake Early Warning research! Learn more in this vlog...

Drawing of the Earth's mantle around the subducting Cocos plate

A Shock Without Aftershocks

When the blogger called the big magnitude 8.1 earthquake, which occurred off the coast of southern Mexico on September 8th, a rare event, he couldn't have known that our neighbor to the south would be shaken by an even stranger temblor 12 days later...